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Episode 27

Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction with Reggie Ford

Published on: 2nd June, 2021

Reggie Ford is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, mental health advocate, and social activist. A first-generation college graduate of Vanderbilt University, he runs RoseCrete Wealth Management and speaks to audiences about financial empowerment, over-all wellness, and the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. 

He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Vanderbilt University where he was also a football team member. He also earned his Master of Accountancy from Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management which he was recognized as an Owen World Shaper.

[00:0114:55] Reggie Ford’s Background

  • An insight into the episode
  • Introduction to the guest, Reggie Ford
  • Reggie’s background
  • Learning code-switching in living in two different cultures 
  • Journey to MBA
  • Having access to education and network
  • Meeting and connecting up with people
  • Approaching people from a genuine understanding of where they come from

[14:5624:28] Getting the MBA

  • Gain from MBA – the network
  • Managing anxiety, depression & trauma to pursue education
  • Being in the Football and going to college

 [24:2938:16] PTSD (Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction)

  • Breaking the Curse of Intergenerational Trauma as a Black Man in America
  • Significance of the release date and it’s publishing company
  • Ways to help the break these issues in the society 
  • Impostor Syndrome 


[38:1741:38] Closing Segment

  • How to buy the book and where to access it 
  • Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
  • Reach out to our guest. See Links Below.
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes

“I think we start with understanding ourselves. Learning to love and trust ourselves is first and foremost.” – Reggie Ford

“Learning to accept rejection and not looking at it as really a ‘No’ but looking at it as ‘Not Now’, not right now.” – Reggie Ford 

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